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    Culture and Lifestyle in Leipzig

    Leipziger Nikolaikirche

    Leipzig is constantly changing and developing, and yet a city which stands for sustainability, long-term relationships, and confidence. Those who are willing to dive deeper into Leipzig will discover the unique soul of this city. Probably, the Leipzig trade fairs which started in the Middle Ages, and the University which was founded in 1409, are the roots of this city's liberal, outgoing, tolerant, and hospitable spirit. A spirit which sparked the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 which led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and which has changed the world.


    Leipzig's reputation as a city of art and culture is founded in the commitment of the citizens who, throughout the centuries, have sponsored artists, collected paintings, founded museums, and in 1743 a musical society which was the basis for today's world-famous Gewandhaus Orchestra. The tolerant spirit of the city has attracted scholars, artists, composers, musicians and poets alike.

    Those interested in literature can follow the tracks of Goethe, Schiller, Lessing or Nietzsche. Lovers of painting and sculpture can discover the precious art gallery collections, or the protagonists of contemporary painting.

    Mädlerpassage in Leipzig

    Confidence and an appreciacion for the good and pleasurable things in life determine the Leipzig lifestyle. Accordingly, there is a great variety of things to see and to do. This includes a night at the theatre, opera or concert hall. In the lifely historic city centre, over 1,200 restaurants, pubs and bars invite you to have good food and a nice drink, and to relax. There are those who feel attracted by the elegant and luxurious Art Deco shopping arcades, the nostalgic cafés and gourmet temples around the Old Market Square. Others feel more drawn to the Southern quarters where students and young artists meet in jazz bars and cosy pubs.

    Cospudener See bei Leipzig

    With many forests and parks right in the city centre, golf courses, lakes, rivers and canals, Leipzig offers many opportunities for those who love nature and sport activities.

    Ronald Kötteritzsch

    Ronald Kötteritzsch

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