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    15th Baptist World Youth Conference

    Date: July 30 - August 3, 2008
    Attendance:6.500 people
    Organiser: Baptist World Alliance

    Bund Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher
    Gemeinden Deutschlands
    (German Baptist Union)
    Facilities used: CCL building, Exhibition Hall 1,
    Exhibition Hall 2, Glass Hall,
    all open-air spaces
    15th Baptist World Youth Conference
    15th Baptist World Youth Conference

    The first time that the Baptist World Alliance came to Leipzig for a site inspection was in 2001. In 2004, Leipzig was selected as the winner of the bidding process. In Juli/August 2008, the 15th Baptist World Youth Conference was held in Leipzig - in the city where a church had been the sparking plug to East Germany's Peaceful Revolution in 1989. Alongside the good infrastructures, this world-changing event was a major reason why Leipzig's bid was successful.

    A purpose-built plenary auditorium for 6,000 people was erected in Exhibition Hall 1. This was the venue for the large gatherings and worship services - also broadcast by TV.

    15th Baptist World Youth Conference

    In so-called Family Groups of 20 people each, participants used all rooms and facilities of the CCL building for discussion forums, Bible studies and prayer groups. Meals for all participants were served in Exhibition Hall 2. Feeding 6,000 people with good food within only one hour was a logistic masterpiece of the catering society fairgourmet.

    In the Glass Hall and the adjacent open-air spaces, a „Global Village" was erected where participants could share about their various activities and projects: from a pub mission in Hamburg to a school project in Africa. The open-air exhibition space was used for a tent city to accommodate participants with a low budget.

    15th Baptist World Youth Conference

    Another impressive logistic highlight was provided by the Leipzig Transport Company LVB. They offered a good valuie-for-money congress ticket. And on Saturday, they managed to carry 6,000 people from the venue to the historic city centre for a central festival within only one hour.

    The meeting of 6.500 young Christians from over 90 countries was a considerable logistic and organisational challenge which was mastered brilliantly by the German hosts due to meticulous planning and an excellent team spirit.

    Ronald Kötteritzsch

    Ronald Kötteritzsch

    Director Marketing

    Tel.: +49 341 678 84 04
    Fax: +49 341 678 84 42

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