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    Exhibition hall 2


    • next to CCL building
    • directly connected with the CCL by a glass-covered walkway and a restaurant

    Total surface:20500 m²
    available exhibtion space:20500 m²
    height:8 m
    width:150 m
    length:150 m
    Exhibition hall 2 may be used for plenary sessions with very large attendance and for exhibitions alike. An in-built flexible system of partitioning walls allows to create smaller segments: either half a hall (2 segments) with approx. 10,000 sqm, or quarters (1 segment) with approx. 5,000 sqm.
    Technical features:

    • standard halls with support-free spaces of 37.5 x 37.5 m
    • daylight, manually operated dimming (sunshade)
    • in-built systems of separating walls to create half or quarter segments
    • stands for seating spectators can be built in variably
    • farbneutrale, filmtaugliche Beleuchtung (400 Lux / 1.100 Lux)
    • underground tunnels to accommodate supplies for multimedia and telecommunication, electricity, water/ waste water, sprinklers and compressed air, located at every 5 metres
    • lighting of neutral colour, fit for TV and film production (400 Lux / 1.100 Lux)
    • floor load capacity: 33 kN/m² (Wheel load 100 kN; Access pursuit for vehicles: 10 tons)

    Hall:Seating in rows:10000 seats
    Classroom seating:4500 seats
    Banquett seating:5500 seats
    Half of the Hall (2 segments):Seating in rows:6000 seats
    Classroom seating:3500 seats
    Banquett seating:2500 seats
    Quarter of the Hall (1 segment):Seating in rows:3300 seats
    Classroom seating:1900 seats
    Banquett seating:1800 seats


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