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    Destination context

    Stadt Leipzig mit Oper und MDR-Hochhaus

    What matters just as much as the quality of a meeting venue are the attractiveness and assets of the host city. The Leipzig area has powerful infrastructures with excellent traffic connections and a truly outstanding choice of hotels, restaurants, and cultural offers.

    Moreover, the world’s oldest city of trade fairs has grown to be a centre of science, research, and innovation. Synergies with Leipzig University which was founded in 1409, with renowned hospitals and research institutes, make the CCL a preferred venue for conferences dealing with the issues of the future.

    Leipzig also stands for innovative technologies, industries and services. The Porsche and BMW factories are icons of a strong automotive and supplying industry in our area. Verbundnetz Gas or the EEX European Energy Exchange represent the energy and environment sector. DHL is an outstanding example for Leipzig’s importance in the domain of logistics and services.

    Leipzig features several clusters of scientific and economic excellence which are also strongly reflected in the CCL's calendar of events. In particular, these are:

    • Medicine / life sciences / biotechnology
    • Mobility and logistics / automotive and supplying industries
    • Energy and environmental technologies and business

    The CCL has excellent networks throughout these clusters and is therefore also committed to the Clusters of Excellence Strategy of the German Convention Bureau.

    An essential factor of Leipzig’s attractiveness as a meeting destination is the unique cultural heritage and the wide variety of cultural offers. There are so many options what do: from a concert of the world-famous Gewandhaus Orchestra to a relaxed pub crawl at night.

    Ronald Kötteritzsch

    Ronald Kötteritzsch

    Director Marketing

    Tel.: +49 341 678 84 04
    Fax: +49 341 678 84 42

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